Learn English In Prague

An English Conversation Programme rapidly improves English speaking and listening skills by using social dynamics naturally in a group of people. Each and every one takes places at spacious Prague garden restaurants, spa facilities, hotels, chateau restaurants  where people can get naturally inspired in a beautiful surrounding.

The Goal

(English) Native speakers of various age, backgrounds, life experience, professional skills and expertise meets the same number of non-native speakers or people interested in practising English speaking and listening skills. Peoples´ curiosity and genuine interest in each other as well as the socializing factor accompanied by carefully selected icebreakers group games make the difference. Spontaneity hand in hand with sensitive organisation and group management are the mind opener and stimulus to THINK in ENGLISH!

Charles Bridge
Prague National Library
Dancing House
The most popular tram number
Prague view from Letná

You can get your English conversation programme here , please, click on this link and tell us a bit about your preferences. We will respond as soon as we can!